Durvet Activated Clay Gel Durvet Activated Clay Gel is for use with horses, cattle, sheep, goats, cats, and dogs for stomach discomfort and digestive disorders. It contains 200 mg/mL of attapulgite clay and 50 mg/mL kaolin. It also contains water, hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate.

Directions for use: Dogs & Cats: 1 3 mL per pound of body weight. Sheel & Goats: 1 3 mL per kg (2.2 lbs.) of body weight. Adult Cattle & Horses: It is recommended to give one full tube. Repeast after 1 to 3 hours or as needed.

Size:  300 mL $13.10

Durvet Activated Gel 00 ml.

Cal Mag Co Gel Tube 00 Ml.

Starting at. Contains activated hardwood charcoal and thermally activated attapulgite in an aqueous gel suspension for use as emergency first aid for combating. Colorado Serum Tetanus Antitoxin 1 00 Units. Horse digestive health supplements help balance and enhance the normal digestive process. Blue Springs MO 01. Products from. Sheep Goats 1 ml per kg. Electric Poultry and Goat. Directions. Save 1 Probios Probiotic Gel. Calf Scour Bolus 100 Ct Durvet 100S. Add to Cart. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Each ml contains 00 mg attapulgite and 0 mg kaolin. Powdered Activated Charcoal in a 1 lb Mylar Bag. Adult Cattle Horses It is recommended to.

Activated Gel.

The digestive tract of a horse is designed to allow for the ingestion of large quantities of forage in a continuous approach Vetericyn Umbilical Naval And Udder Gel 16 Oz.

Dogs Cats 1 ml per lb of body weight. Get Quotations DURVET INC D 0 10 00 01 1 ACTIVATED GEL 00. An aqueous gel suspension for use as emergency first aid for combating Tory Leather Draw Reins Sliding Rein Snaps. Activated Charcoal Powder is used in charcoal poultices and compresses for the treatment of infections inflammation and pain or in baths when requiring a generalized application over a larger body area Tory Leather Elastic End Girth Extender. 11 results. Durvet Ivermectin Sheep Drench 0 ml.

Learn about Activated Gel for animal usage including active ingredients directions for use. Lb of body weight. Find the cheap Activated Bleaching Earth Find the best Activated. EMT Gel First Aid in a Tube for Multi Species.

Total Durvet Activated Clay Gel Items 0. Activated Gel be used in animals during stomach discomfort and digestive.

Manufactured for DURVET INC.

Sheep Goats 1 ml per lb of body weight.

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